Evie Cheung - UX Designer + Creative Strategist



Hello! It's lovely to meet you.
I'm Evie—a multidisciplinary designer, creative strategist, and visual storyteller working at the intersection of design, social science, and technology. I believe that great design has its roots in psychology, always guided by radical empathy for humans. I’m passionate about using design as a vehicle to bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds to create meaningful experiences that impact human behavior. I’m also excited about the countless ways to utilize the impact of data and rising technologies such as machine learning and the Internet of Things.

Although born in New York, I've been shaped by my bicultural upbringing and travel experiences across six continents. After receiving a BA in Psychology and Economics from Pitzer College in 2013, I worked in brand strategy and content marketing for startups, such as Fluent City, Front of House NYC, and Unified Social. Over the last few years, I’ve started my own freelance design and strategy consulting company—working with clients on brand strategy, creative direction, photography, and visual design. Most recently, I worked at Code and Theory on innovation and strategy for big brands like Adidas and Maybelline.

What I've been up to lately...
These days, you can find me at School of Visual Arts in New York City, where I'm finishing up an MFA in Products of Design. My in-progress thesis explores the sociocultural implications of how artificial intelligence and machine learning will fundamentally alter human behavior and socialize the next generation.

In my very little spare time, I…
read a lot (non-fiction and fiction at the same time), nerd out about social and behavioral psychology, design protest signs, listen to Berlin techno, make dumplings, dance to reggaeton, shoot Portra film with my Fuji Klasse W, try to be a good plant mom, and meditate (I’m on my 847th+ day in a row!).

What’s next?
I seek opportunities to integrate human-centered design into innovation strategies and rising technologies.

Click here to download full curriculum vitae.