Evie Cheung - UX Designer + Creative Strategist


What it means to think in photographs

I tend to see life as a series of still images, bleeding into each other uncontrollably—but if focused on for just long enough, it becomes its own isolated moment that conveys a larger story. That's what photography is to me — not an aesthetic art, but a medium of communication and storytelling.

There's a never ending plethora of photographs out there — some that will never be seen, some that look pretty, and some that spark some sort of emotion within the viewer. I hope to do the very latter, whatever that emotion may be.

I don't believe in Lightroom presets or extensive use of Photoshop. We're in the digital age, but that doesn't mean that the raw ingredients can or should be be rotten. The editing I do (if any at all) is solely done in Lightroom. 

I believe in using natural light whenever possible — though of course, for shooting events at night, that is rather difficult. But I do what I can. 

Inspiration for my work is just about everywhere. 

Feel free to drop me a line.