Evie Cheung - UX Designer + Creative Strategist

A Cure for the Curious


80 Press Takeaways for Fluent City Relaunch, created in 8 days with a $400 budget

A Cure for the Curious

Working as Content Community Lead at Fluent City

Concept, Strategy, Graphic Design, Copywriting

Fluent City is a modern-day culture school that teaches 10 languages across 5 cities. I played a pivotal role in their relaunch in September 2016, rebranding and repositioning the entire company, including the creation and rollout of 300+ pages of new website content.

Three weeks prior to relaunch, our PR agency fell through on creating a meaningful press takeaway for our launch party. It was up to the internal team to create 80 press takeaways in 8 days with a tiny $400 budget.


jar1 (1).jpg


Startup Budget Constraints
As with any startup experience, we were under strict budget constraints and an unrealistic deadline. We had $400 to create 80 press takeaways in 8 days.

Conveying Brand Personality
Fluent City's new brand personality was unconventional and passionate, yet educational. How could we convey that with a simple press takeaway? We came up with a "message in a bottle."

The "Aha Moment"
The "message in a bottle" was transformed into a mason jar with a nutrition label that conveyed the new branding and product offerings.  

Importance of Design Assets & Copy
The final takeaway included a scroll with our new brand statement, 4 cards with key educational moments, and new brand swag.