Evie Cheung - UX Designer + Creative Strategist

Evie Cheung's Statement of Intent - SVA Products of Design


Hello SVA!

It’s lovely to meet you. I’m Evie, a visual storyteller, full-stack marketer, and all-around creative human being. If you want a quick fun fact, I’ve traveled to 6/7 continents (Antarctica, I’m coming for ya!). Anyway, you may be wondering, what’s a marketer doing applying to SVA’s prestigious Products of Design program? Good question. Let’s get into it.

As the child of two Hong Kong immigrants, I didn’t know being a designer was a viable career option. My parents’ difficult experiences had taught them that there were only a few paths to succeed in America. Creativity was allowed as a hobby, but not a profession. I fought against this, and eventually ended up getting a degree in Psychology & Economics—not exactly what I wanted to do (I wanted to be a documentary photographer), but it was closer than going the business school route.

Right after graduation, I landed immediately in the startup marketing world, and over the past 3 years, I’ve worked on marketing teams in advertising technology, hospitality, and education. I now know that working in marketing full-time is not for me.

So, how did I become interested in design? Having managed designers in the digital space and being exposed to the design field has opened up a new path and inspired me to pursue it. Transitioning into the design world means that I can finally bridge my natural creativity with my devotion to social responsibility. I believe that good design can solve the world’s most challenging problems and improve the products and systems that we currently have in place. It’s about breaking down obstacles to solve concrete issues, increasing accessibility, and creating connections.

Design can make us brave; it empowers us to ask the difficult questions: How can we bridge obvious rifts in a divided country and cultivate compassion in the States and the larger world? How can we address racism and inequality in a more effective way? What is a better way to ensure educational opportunity?

I've realized that creativity is much more than a career; it is a vehicle for social change. I am excited specifically about the Products of Design multidisciplinary program because I believe it will equip me with the necessary tools and skill set to build the best products for the difficult issues I care most about—like the lack of access to education, racism & inequality, and the fact that the U.S. is more divided than ever before.

Additionally, I’m looking forward to bringing my multi-dimensional background in psychology, marketing, photography, and travel to the world of design. I believe that this diverse array of experiences will help me become a better designer and foster a greater understanding between my creations and people and communities that I would be designing for.

Though my resume and portfolio accurately summarize my recent achievements, the opportunity for an interview would be much more illuminating to all that I could bring to this program and beyond. Thank you very much for your time and consideration and hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,

Evie Cheung

Here, you'll find my 3-minute video profile. Click to begin.