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A few of my favorite pieces that I've written or contributed to online publications are highlighted below.


Not a #PuddleParty: A Real Thinx Underwear Review

Publication: Taste the Style

Quick Summary: Thinx Underwear. We've all seen the subway ads. But do these things really work? I tried them out for a week and wrote a review for Taste the Style, a fashion and lifestyle blog. I also came up with the creative direction for the graphics in the post and worked with the designer directly.

Snack Attack: Pack These For Your Next Getaway

Publication: Fathom Away

Quick Summary: This was my first attempt at styling my own photo shoot. It was for Fathom Away, a travel publication with over 200K subscribers, in collaboration with Mouth Foods, and indie food snacks company based in DUMBO. I was given a few food items to bring to life with constructed "scenes." I sourced the items for this shoot, styled it, shot all the photos, and edited them.


6 Lessons You Learn from Excessive Traveling

Publication: Thought Catalog

Quick Summary: After having the opportunity to study abroad for a full year in Spain and Singapore in 2012, I spent a lot of time reflecting my experiences. In some ways, this was a cathartic post to write, since it helped me share the things I had learned while abroad—but I was also able to connect with other travelers. Many of them actually emailed me in response to this article.

This post ended up getting 5K+ shares.