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Some of my favorite pieces that I've written for the Fluent City Blog, informed by the previous portfolio piece of Fluent City Content Strategy, are highlighted on this page. You can also check out the entire blog via the button below.

The Anti-Gift Guide: Unique Travel Experiences Around the World

Idea: Since many major brands do gift guides for the holidays, we wanted to do something different to cut through the noise and conveyed our brand personality to our users. Thus, the Anti-Gift Guide—focused on experiences over things.

Process: Researched other brands' gift guides, referenced many travel sites and my own experiences abroad, sourced images, wrote this piece and went through several rounds of editing

Bonus: This piece actually got us featured in FastCompany's "7 Smart Ways to Give the Gift of Experiences, Not Things."

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Student Spotlight: Setenay Akdag

Idea: As a part of a big marketing campaign called My Fluent Year, we wanted to feature a student who had used their language skills for work—whose story would manifest how Fluent City can have an impact on an individual's life, and the greater world too. We found an amazing Spanish student who was now working as an immigration lawyer in NYC.

Process: Completed outreach to several students for their stories, conducted in-person interview & photoshoot, transcribed interview, transformed into written article

Bonus: This is the highest-performing post on our blog within the last 2 months.

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6 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Learn a New Language

Idea: There are many studies out there that describe the benefits of learning something new—but none that lay this information out in a visual way.

Process: Lots of research, compiled 6 stats & facts, concepted what this infographic would look like, worked with our in-house designer to complete

Bonus: This is the first infographic for content that we've created as a brand!

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Fluent City Guide: Best New York City Restaurants

Idea: I wanted to launch a new content series that was hyper-targeted to our 4 local markets (NYC, DC, Philly & Boston). Each piece connects the culture of each city with our language courses and gives consumers added value in the form of content. Each week, a new series guide is rolled out.

Also, 40% of our blog traffic comes from mobile devices, and don't have a lot of content that is mobile-friendly—so I created a Google Map version for each Fluent City guide too.

Process: Research through Yelp, Foursquare, and local blogs. I read through a lot of reviews. Images are sourced from Instagram, unless I happen to have images already.

Bonus: This is now the top-performing series on our blog, with 4x the amount of normal sessions and 2x time spent reading.

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