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Illustrations by Justin Paul Ware

Let's talk about the travel stories that never make it to Instagram. I'm referring to one in particular—the one concerning the big number two. It's one of the most important things to keep track of while you're either hiking up to Machu Picchu or exploring the sampling the fragrant street food of Vietnam.

How you poop is a clear indicator of health on the road. Let's take a deeper dive into the hidden mysteries of what's in the toilet bowl.

Poop #1 - The Happy Poop

Ah, the poop we all strive for. A healthy, happy, bathroom session. This poop comes naturally and doesn't take too long...


Poop #2 - The Angry Poop

Ouch. Maybe you should try and find some vegetables or fruit to help you along. This one isn't a fun one...

Poop #3 - The Angry Poop

Nobody likes this one. Yikes. This probably means you drank some bad water or got food poisoning. Hopefully, you brought some Imodium with you and are fully prepared...


Poop #4 - The Ghost Poop

Oh, no. Casper the unfriendly ghost poop. This can't be good. If you're not pooping at all, it could mean that your digestive system is sad. Stay hydrated and eat your fiber!....

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